Featured Cigars

1. Psycho Seven Gordo


“This cigar is another interesting and unique blend from Ventura Cigar Co. Blended with a unique Dominican Hybrid wrapper, Mexican Sumatra binder and a combination of fillers from Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and the U.S., there are seven tobaccos used from six different countries. This is a mild to medium-bodied cigar with complex flavors from spice and wood to coffee, that develop througout the smoking expereince” Cigar & Spirits


2. Valeroso primavera Churchill (Sagrado)


“Overall, a very flavorful cigar that smoked effortlessly and offered a rich aroma and medium body. Very well made.”
Cigar Press Magazine

3. Illusione mk ultra limitada


“This little dude brings a ton of delicious flavors, won’t make you commit to a multiple hour smoke session, and carries a reasonable price. Unless you don’t like full bodied, powerful sticks, the Illusione MK Ultra is a no-brainer.”